Five secrets of highly successful people.

'Five Secrets of Highly successful people' is for you if you have enormous wealth and don't know what to do with it. Ever wondered how these movie stars turn so famous, how these politicians gain so many votes, how these CEOs write life-changing methods on the 'Balance of economies and What we can do to make African nations more prosperous?' Strain your Brain no more, we have the answers. You just have to sit in your Father's Rolls Royce and do cocaine, while reading this simple article.



Five secrets of Highly successful people.

Private schools and colleges

To our well-off brethren, private schools and colleges act like highways to elite jobs while the humble class travels through ditches as large as craters of the moon. To find a rich lad/gal in a pompous institution is as obvious as to find a lizard in govt. Mid-day meals. Anyway, it's your choice whether to go to the movies and McDonald's every day while attending classes or to work as a call-centre employee at nights and attend classes in day-time. So private education becomes a stepping stone towards Five secrets of Highly successful people.

Five secrets of Highly successful people.

Nepotism Hire

This is for people who have their parents as businessmen, politicians, movie-stars or anything which runs relatively on Black-money; if you are ready to test your fate and your parents love towards you, immediately give an interview to yourself and find yourself as a CEO of a family business or working with a producer who made you sit on his/her lap when you were too young to walk, get up and sit on the wheel-chair of nepotistic success and achieve the unachievable things that your ancestors already achieved. Nepotistic achievements become obvious necessities when it comes to Five secrets of Highly successful people.

Five secrets of Highly successful people.

Seed Capital from family.

Ever wondered why our population is suffering so much and why do poverty-stricken people die early? Yes, you guessed it right - Money (great, that private education is working perfectly, eh?) But, do not worry my child, God did find a way for you and that way goes through the capital that your family gained in their lifetime. Get out there and spread your 'jholi' in front of your blood relatives as your 'kitty-party' partners Arbaaz and Sohail do, because after all, as one of your family friend Bill Gates once said: "You have to be a little shameless to achieve what you want". Seed Capital is like a Christmas present for people who know the Five secrets of Highly successful people.

Five secrets of Highly successful people.

Personal Assistant/Ghost Writers

Do you remember when your parents had to go to a 'Mr. Sighania' party and couldn't take you with them, but hired a babysitter (who was also a receptionist in one of your father's offices) to take care of you, Right? Similarly, now you can hire personal assistants and ghostwriters who come up with totally original ideas for your speeches and campaigns and even for that 'Young minds and how to use them creatively' book you wanted to pen, because why would you waste your hard-earned private knowledge for meagre activities like research, management and creative arts when you need to test your resistance for recreational drugs and opioids as a cure to mental health problems. So now you know how I got this idea of Five secrets of Highly successful people, right?

Five secrets of Highly successful people.

Social Media PR

Social media is the most important layout to gain popularity and a person like you for whom showing your work is more important than actually doing it; PR teams come readily handy. A PR team affectionately curates your life according to how it be shown to your future fans. From taking a bath in your jacuzzi to your dog pooping somewhere in your lawn, everything needs to be on social media. People love it, especially when they don't have real jobs. A day might come when you would want to release your music album and for that, you can ask your PR team to buy you likes and followers like many of your friends have recently done. Social Media PR has to be the most important idea in knowing Five secrets of Highly successful people.